Mysterious death being named suicide, people awaiting response from University


November 24th 2016, the day when Udit Shankar Singh, a 19 year old boy studying at Amity University was found dead. Police suspected that the boy jumped from 5 floor of his college hostel. The university claimed that it is a suicide. But it is certainly not a suicide. Udit was a fun loving boy as is said by his roommates and family. He didn’t had any reason to commit suicide. He was do well in academics and was socially sound.

Reasons why it cannot be suicide

  • Udit was taken to hospital @2 despite the fact that he died early in the morning. This arrises a question, how can people at university- which is a fully functional campus miss out a body lying on floor.
  • The floor Udit fall from had defective latch, maybe this is the reason why Udit fall because that place was frequently used by students to study. How can a student enter such place even after security. Is it because leniency with the security regulations, how can a multi million university can afford to be that negligent towards such serious issue.
  • University tried to keep it covered by not informing the family on time. The family was asked by the dean not to report to media, mean while Vice President Communication Amity University (Savita Mehta) released a statement claiming it to be suicide
  • The doctor who performed Autopsy said that the injuries on his body clearly shows that it wasn’t a suicide. Moreover evidences show that he was found lying with his books, specs and his phone. Doesn’t these highly intellectual people at Amity University think why would a guy planning suicide will carry these items with him? Why cannot UP police understand this same thing?

This not the only case happened in Amity. There are few more as well. Earlier in August a student named Sushant Rohilla committed suicide, he was a student of Amity Law School. Reason for his suicide was unprofessional behaviour of faculty, he wasn’t allowed to give his exams and he was detained. The accused faculty was asked for resignation. There is certainly something wrong with Amity University.

Even the police had been uncooperative, they refused to file FIR. The police continue to have in possession Udit’s phone and other belongings which were lying next to his body even when the FIR has not been registered. The family has all rights to know how their son died. 

We request you to please Share this so that we together put the officials and the police under pressure to investigate properly and reveal the truth without any biasnes.

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