Unsolved Suicide Case In West Bengal, Let 2017 bring The Dawn of Justice for Nikku’s family


We always hear, justice shall be served, but in India justice is very expensive and time consuming. On 19th August 2015, Nikku committed suicide as the evidences suggest but it was not actually a suicide. He was torchered to death by his spouse and her family. Police is biased and is not supporting them and his brother is seeking for justice. As our conversation with Nikku’s brother we have put forward these details here. Nikku was torchered to death and everyone who is the reason behing should be behind bars including the corrupted police officer.

The whole incident started on 25th May 2015, when Nikku married a girl in the state of West Bengal. There married life was running good till the time Nikku figured that his wife was cheating on him, she had an affair with a guy with whom she was in love from her school life. Nikku was disturbed and conveyed this matter to her parents and they said that this will not be repeated, but Nikku’s never ended all this, and one day she finally planned to runaway with her lover but Nikku’s mother figured it out and the took her to her hometown to her maiden’s place and reported this matter to the local panchayat. Nikku’s in-law’s bribed the panchayat and as a result panchayat was biased towards them. They asked Nikku to leave her and even to write his home on her name and end all this. Nikku wanted to fight against this in-justice so he didn’t obeyed panchayat and left for delhi.

Meanwhile his wife’s mother called him to there home to settle all this. He missed his train for Delhi and went to there place. They captured him and torchered him for two days and after that he was again taken to the gram panchayat and there he and his family was humiliated and this humiliation crossed the level of humanity. Two hours after returning from the panchayat Nikku hanged himself to death. It was 19th August 2015. Who is responsible for his death? When police investigated they found Nikku’s Mobile phone and purse as evidences. They took those evidences and destroyed them as they were also bribed. The corrupt inspector was not even ready to file an FIR. Is this the justice scenario in India. Is this the justice scenario in West Bengal.

All the details about this case is present at (#justicefornikku ) Justice for Nikku Fb page, With all the evidences. We request you all to kindly share this in order to serve justice, Remember it could be anyone of us at Nikku’s place. The culprits should be behind the bars. Please share this to the maximum extent you can so that 2017 shall bring The Dawn of Justice for Nikku’s family.

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