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Want to be an idol parent? Do what good parents do!


Each and everyone of us whether kid or mature, we never take BIG things for granted. I as a mature man have observed that kids in the 21st century often tends to take most of the tiny details of life for granted. Many of the parents especially my sister often asks me, how could she make sure this doesn’t happen?  How can she be an idol parent? Well this is an answer to my sister as well as to all parents who wants to ensure well-being of their kids!

Follow the instructions

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1. Be a mentor

Work hard everyday to make sure that you yourself never take things for granted.
For an example: if you want your kid to show gratitude to things which matters, you should also try to show gratitude to the things which have made you the person you are.
If you want your kids to give respect to every life form, then you should even start respecting them.

Children are blank canvas, its up to their parents how they want to sketch their life.
Your kids like a mirror reflects you in every aspect. To have a change in them, have a change in you first!

2. Follow WIP (Work In Progress)

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Learning is something which never ends. Never give up learning because giving up learning means no growth in all aspects except physical one. You should always take the time to be grateful for what you have in life and the people in your life and show gratitude for them. Thats what can make you an idol parent.


3. Never appreciate multitasking

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Never think that your kid can do everything. Let me correct myself never think that your kid can do everything at a single time. Multitasking always create losers. If you want your kid to become an inspiration then make your kid realise the importance for concentrating on one task at a time. Make your kid realise the loss of multitasking.
Take an example : There are two kids one is going for Basketball coaching and guitar classes and the other one is going for Basketball, Cricket, Guitar, Drums coaching. Both of them are 12yrs in age. Who will be able to learn things well. Obviously the first kid!
The second kid will become jack of all and ace of none. So, never appropriate multitasking.
No doubt there are exceptions but till you are not confident that you kid is an exception don’t experiment ‘multitasking’.

4. Appreciate when needed

Source : yourmotivationguru.com
Source : yourmotivationguru.com

Whenever your kids perform well or do something remarkable give them enough appreciation. This will not only motivate them but also encourage them to perform well in all aspects. I am saying it again, if you want your kid to show gratitude to things which matters, you should also try to show gratitude to the things which have made you the person you are. Moreover they are also humans and even they loves to get appreciated,  and when you appreciate them it teaches them to appreciate you.

5. Teach them about freedom

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Irregardless of your political beliefs, don’t spouting off your ideas about politicians, teach your children about the freedom they are given in the country. Remind them regularly to be grateful for that freedom. Make them respect their leaders. Make them respect their nation, defences and everything involved. Try to make your kid an idol citizen.


There’s not a lot of BIG things we take for granted. I find, though, like normal kids in the 21st century, they tend to take some of the little things for granted. So how do I make sure this doesn’t happen?

6. Ask them to give back

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By asking them, you’re putting the ball in their court. See what ideas they have in their mind. Kids are more prone to commit, follow through and understand, when they come up with the ideas themselves they grow and hence they be mature. It can be as simple as giving flowers to a neighbour, but do appreciate whatever they come up with. Following this can make you an idol parent.



7. Teach the fine art of thank you notes

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Make sure you always have thank you notes on-hand. Teach your kids how to write a thank you note. Makesure to write it and send it in a timely manner. Even better, make sure you’re sending thank you notes. Yes, even as an adult. Practice what you preach. (Not e-mail or text, either.) Sending a thankyou note to someone who you really care for, this not only improves the relationship but also inculcates the feeling of gratitude in your kids.

8. Change “entitled behaviour” at that moment

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entitled : the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something. the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges) Use their entitled behaviour as a teachable moment. Teach your child at that moment what’s truly important. Ask them what’s important for them and why they deserve something. Nip it in the bud right then and there and be an idol parent.

9. Look at the little things with new eyes

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Point out the smaller things and talk about them. Clean water. Food on the table. Clothes on your backs. Toys to play with. Friends. Smartphones! Point out the obvious and the not-so-obvious and teach your kids to be grateful for all these things. Remember gratitude is not only shown to humans, rather it’s a feeling that one should feel for one’s belongings as well.

10. Entitlement is learned. Don’t teach that subject

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Remember, no one wants that their kids become spoiled brats. Teaching kids not to take things for granted seems easy but also it is actually tough. At the same time it takes a little work or say little effort every single day. Make sure you wear your gratitude glasses every day because you’re kids are not only learning from your words and also from your behaviour as well. Be clear with your actions, kids follow what they see. Following the above given aspects anyone can be an idol parent.


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