A 19-year old student of Amity University, Noida found dead and this was claimed to be mysterious. He was found outside hostel number 3 in H block Amity campus. The guy named Udit Shankar was a student of B-Tech, first year studying in Amity only. He was rushed to Kailash Hospital and was declared dead. He was a native of Bhojpur in Bihar. He was allotted Hostel No 3 in the University Campus. The college immediately called the police informing about this incident.

death-mystery-amity-universityThere is no specific explanation for his death but proximate causes could be Stress due to examination, because the day he was found dead he had his Physics exam but still there is no particular evidence to support this tragedy.
Police stated that it is assumed that the reason of death is the fall from height somewhere between 4-5th floor. The police did the investigation but they didn’t found anything at the suicide spot.

Savita Mehta(vice president) communications at Amity University, “We do not know the reason of death of the student. We are extending all help to the deceased’s family and police for investigating the matter,” she said. The body has been sent for a post-mortem and a report is awaited

But this arrises many questions for the Amity University officials and this is not the first time that a student has committed suicide in Amity Campus.

Is it so that the university doesn’t looked in the matter when G Sai Krishna, a 21 year old student committed suicide.
How did that guy managed to reach the top even after security?
Is it really a suicide or a murder which is being named suicide?

Comment below and raise your voice.Share if you think that suicides are wrong. Maybe your initiative could save someone’s life.


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